Questions every Business wants to ask a Digital Marketing Company.

Have you been searching for a digital marketing company to help you? Are you unsure on how a digital marketing company can help you? Are you thinking of how to pick a digital marketing agency which can help you achieve your business goals?

In this post, we answer these questions, give you an outline of the best questions to ask a digital marketing agency and help you to choose best digital marketing agency and more. So, read along.

With ever changing economic and technology trends, increasing consumer base of both digital-first and digitally evolving by adaption, you must relook at your digital presence and the strategy. Today, it is imperative for you to plan a dominant digital presence to achieve your business goals.

To choose the right digital marketing agency can be a daunting task. To make this task easy and effective, you must ask the following questions:

What is your SEO strategy?

Your digital presence is most influenced by the SEO rankings. So, what is the strategy that your would-be digital marketing agency employ? What is the 90 days or 180 days plan to improve ratings? How to develop and run effective campaigns?

What is your content marketing strategy?

Quality content is crucial for engagement and further to drive the SEO ratings. So, what is the content creation and marketing strategy employed? What are the best practices that are followed to integrate content with SEO keywords? How experienced are the content creators? And what is their thought process? What are the different qualitative and quantitative metrics do you track the performance with?

What is your paid search strategy?

At times, the free model of growth hacking will only take you a certain audience. For more reach, performance, and digital dominance, you may have to resort to paid searches. So, what is the paid search strategy? Do you have a Google Partner Badge? Which are the different ppc platforms that you are employing? What tools do you use to optimize the paid search campaigns? What are the different metrics on which the performance of paid searches is monitored?

What is your social media strategy?

Your success in engagement in social media is the main factor that makes or breaks your overall business success. So what is your social media strategy? What are the different channels that you will employ to introduce, engage and retain the audience? What are your best practices for community management across various social media channels? How to you calculate the returns on the social media investments?

What is your web design strategy?

The intuitiveness and user-friendliness of the website drives the user experience which drives the engagement which ultimately drives the business goals. So, how will you transform or create the website to be intuitive and user-friendly? Will you be involved in the complete life-cycle of the website? Will you be also involved in the regular maintenance and periodic overhaul of the website? What analytics will you be tracking to ensure best returns on the investment on a solid website?

Other important questions:

These set of questions are related to the business, commercial and client services topics. How will you differentiate me from the competition? How much time do you need to acclimatize to the industry and space that we are working? How will you report your performance to us? How will you engage us during the period we are doing the business with you? What are your contractual terms and conditions?

So, in a nutshell if you ask questions specific to SEO, Content Development & Marketing, Paid Searches, Social Media Marketing, Web design, Business Engagement & Client services questions, you will be able to find the best digital marketing agency in India.

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