8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Social Media

Over the ages, there have been many engines which have driven the businesses. These engines have boosted the growth of businesses which were previously unheard. For instance, it was the steam engine which brought in the industrial revolution, pun intended followed by the Personal Computer & internet, and in today’s world, it is the social media.
Social media is huge today. In India alone, it is estimated that around 258 million users will be active on social media in 2019 and the trend isn’t bearish. So, with almost everyone being on social media, it is critical for all businesses to be present on these platforms too. Hence, in this post, we give you eight reasons why your business should use social media.
Generate Leads and increase sales revenue
Your business should be on social media to generate leads as most of your prospective customers are already on it. You can then interest, interact and involve them, gradually make them your valued customers, thus generating increased sales revenue
Product Promotions
You can create visually, and textually rich content related to your products and promote them for free on your social media web pages.
Brand awareness and reputation management
You can create a strong brand image for your business, make the users on the social media aware of your brand and manage the brand awareness and reputation metrics thus enhancing the brand loyalty.
Customer Engagement
Today’s customer is smart, vocal, and social. The sooner your business understands these parameters, sooner and deeper you can connect to your customers. For instance, you can use social media to communicate with your customers or address their concerns. This engagement makes your brand and your business look more customer-centric thus attracting more users and driving sales revenues.
Service and support
You can address your customers’ concerns and provide timely services and supports. If done right, those customers will share their positive engagement on their profiles which will attract more users to be your customers.
Competition Check
You can easily do a competitive analysis and understand where your business or brand stand along with the competition. You can also monitor what your customers, prospective customers, users, in general, are talking about your brand or business and your competitors.
Targeting and retargeting
It is easier to segment the users as per your ideal customer profile and target them with offers, promotions, etc. to promote your brand or business. Based on their response and engagement, you can then retarget a specific set which otherwise would be impossible to find.
KPI Metrics & Reports
Businesses in the past had a difficult time accounting for the ROI on marketing activities. But with all the marketing and sales activities done on social media, it is effortless to track, measure and manage the performance, hence optimizing the investments and increasing the returns on these investments.

There are many more reasons why your business should be on social media. We believe that these are bare-bone essentials. If you are interested to know more, give us a shout, and we will help you harness all the potentials of driving your business using social media.

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