Is Digital Marketing the right investment during COVID-19 ?

The imposing of lockdown has impeded many businesses, but it doesn’t mean to close down your business. Do you think the COVID-19 situation will deter your business from reaching the consumer and enhancing sales? Then you are wrong. The Internet is the only place which is not quarantined for the people.

This digital marketing is growing rapidly and the modern consumers are now going digital. Now, pandemic has made a larger number of people stay indoors. The lifestyle and the way people see the world today has changed. Mostly everyone now is on social networking sites and surfing on the Internet. The amount of time spent online using social media has increased by 47%. So, businesses must try to stay close to the consumer. For this, digital marketing helps in being close to the consumers.

Use this time for strategic improvements. Go digitally to the potential consumers, eventually, that helps the business survive this situation. Digital marketing is much more reliable than traditional marketing that requires a high cost to reach customers. Try to reach out to your consumer via digital platforms in a clear and systematic way. Also, this is the time to gain more customers, reach out to them, and strengthen bonds. A best strategic approach and constantly staying close to the customers will help in gaining diverse people. This also helps in building trust between the brand and the audience.


Few Digital marketing strategies for your Business – 

  • Update your Google My Business Account: Whether your business has closed during this period or remains open, it’s imperative that you update your Google My Business profile to let the customer know.
  • Create social media accounts: If you’re worried that you’re not getting the message across the audience about the Business, one way to do so is by creating social media accounts on different platforms (eg: Facebook, Instagram). This is the best way to reach the right audience and increase engagement.
  • Focus on Customer Service and Reputation Management: Now is the time to create and provide informative content to the audience. Reassure customers and let them know what you’re doing to help them with the message you share.
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions: People are using Google more than ever before. Ensure that your website content answers the questions that customers are looking for. 


Businesses need to understand that this situation is not going to last forever and their business isn’t closing soon. They need to maintain their brand presence as it may be harder to recover later after losing the momentum. The choice every business needs to make is between efforts to make on customer support or customer retension. Unfurl Media and team suggests, rather than worrying about the COVID-19 situation, make this time to bounce back with greater confidence.

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